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Soulfire was born in a smoky shack in a Mississippi bayou a little more than twenty years ago. After the founding guitar player was claimed by Beelzebub in a deal gone wrong and the original drummer spontaneously combusted the first semi-permanent line-up was formed featuring a kazoo player. When that failed the band bowed to convention and started jamming with bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and a lot of harmonies. On occasion Soulfire has been known to perform with horns, a gospel choir and even classical instruments.


The Band’s repertoire includes well over a thousand songs ranging from the foundational rock of Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley to the acid musings of the Dandy Warhols. We play the British Invasion (Stones, Kinks, Who), singer-songwriters (James Taylor, Bob Dylan), a little country (Dixie Chicks, The Eagles, Zac Brown Band), funk (Sly and the Family Stone, Kool and the Gang), dance rock (INXS, George Michael), piano music (Elton John and Billy Joel), classic American rock (Chicago, Steely Dan, Tom Petty, Jayhawks), “alternative” (the Killers, Wilco) and Beatles, always the Beatles.


Recent reviewers have called Soulfire “a drain on the electrical grid” and “better than a stick in the eye”. One reviewer said “how can I miss them if they won’t go away?”.

We have played a variety of venues in the DC area and look forward to playing for you.

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